Grants - Frequently Asked Questions


Grants Q1.  Why  should  I  apply  for  a  grant?

A1: The  entire  reason  the  Hastings  Education  Foundation  exists  is  to  enhance the  quality  of  the Hastings  schools  by  engaging  the  support  of  our  residents,  parents,  students,  teachers  and alumni.  We  raise  funds  from  the  community  so  that  you,  as  administrators  and  educators,  have resources  for  the  development  and  promotion  of  innovative  activities  and  programs  that  the District  is  not  able  to  fund.

Q2.  I  have  an  idea,  where  do  I  start  and  who  can  help?

A2: If  you  have  an  idea,  but  aren’t  sure  if  it’s  a  good  fit  or  need  some  help  flushing  it  out,  feel  free  to reach  out  to  your  principal  and  or  one  of  the  HEF  Grant  Liaisons.  The  Liaisons  are  HEF  Board Members  who  serve  on  the  grants  committee  and  have  volunteered  to  work  with  teachers  and administrators  to  answer  questions,  provide  feedback,  and  support  teachers  and  administrators as  they  navigate  the  grants  process.  Liaisons  are  listed  below  and  would  love  to  hear  from  you!

  •  HILLSIDE: Laura  Owens, 
  •  MS: Kanchan  Kinkade, 
  •  HS:  Marisa  Mulvihill, 


Q3.  What  kinds  of  grants  do  you  fund? 

A3:We welcome  grants  for  all  areas  of  the  curriculum, including  extra-curricular  and  co-curricular activities.  Grants  may  also  cover  staff  and  curriculum  development,  including  support  for implementation.    We  cannot  fund  travel  or  meals.    Coordination  with  the  administration  is essential  and  must  be  demonstrated  in  the  grant  application. 


Q4.  What  is  the  grant  application  and  approval  process? 

A4: Teachers  must  submit  a  completed  grant  application  to  their  building  principal  and,  once approved,  the  application  must  be  submitted  and  approved  by  the  Assistant  Superintendent  for Curriculum  and  Instruction,  and  then  submitted  and  approved  by  the  Superintendent.  Once  it  is approved  by  the  Superintendent,  it  is  then  submitted  to  the  Hastings  Education  Foundation Board.  Teachers  and  administrators  can  reach  out  to  the  HEF  Liasons  throughout  the  process  to get  feedback  and  ask  questions.  Liaisons  work  directly  with  the  faculty  or  staff  who  submit  the application.  Liaisons  advocate  and  answer  questions  about  the  submitted  grants  to  the  Grants Committee  who  review  the  applications  and  make  recommendations  to  the  Board.  The  Board then  votes  on  the  grants,  and  once  approved,  the  grants  are  submitted  to  the  Board  of Education  for  final  approval. The  Foundation  has  one  annual  grant  cycle  for  the  following  school  year.  The  2021-22  grant application  timeline  is  as  follows: 

  • February  28,  2022: All  applications  due  in  Principal’s office  no  later  than  3pm 
  • March 7, 2022: Applications  approved  by  Principal to  be  forwarded  to  the  Assistant Superintendent  of  Curriculum  &  Instruction
  • March 14,  2022: Applicants  approved  by Assistant  Superintendent of  Curriculum  & Instruction  forwarded  to  Superintendent 
  • March 21,  2022: Applications  approved  by  Superintendent forwarded  to  HEF  Grants Committee
  • May/June  2022:  Grants  awarded  by  HEF  forwarded  to School  Board  for  approval


Q5.  How  are  grants  evaluated?

A5:Grants  are  first  evaluated  individually  according  to  the  following  criteria:

  • Potential  impact  across  grade,  department,  or  school
  • Integration  into  the  school  program 
  • Demonstration  of  long-term  benefits  of  the  project
  • Innovation  and  originality
  • Strength  of  overall  need
  • Plan for  evaluating  effectiveness  of  project
  • Diversity,  Equity  &  Inclusion  (DEI)
  • Budget
  • Writing  Technique
  • Repeat  grant We then  look  across  all  of  the  grants  submitted  for  a  cycle  and  strive  for  equity  of  distribution  of grants  across  each  school  complex.

All forms must be completed by the end of the day on Monday, February 28, 2022

Please note our schedule:

  • February 28, 2022: All applications due in Principal’s office no later than 3pm
  • March 7, 2022: Applications approved by Principal to be forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
  • March 14, 2022:Applicants approved by Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction forwarded to Superintendent
  • March 21, 2022: Applications approved by Superintendent forwarded to
    HEF Grants Committee
  • May/June 2022: Grants awarded by HEF forwarded to School Board for approval

HEF Grant Application 2021-22 

Have you received a HEF Grant? 
Please fill out this Grant Evaluation Form.

Board Member Contacts

Grants Committee

Please contact a member of the Grants Committee if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving some wonderful proposals.

Laura Owens (Chair) 
Kanchan Kinkade 
Marisa Mulvihill
Malaika Sundberg
Dana Unger

HEF School Liaisons

If you have a great idea for your classroom and would like some quick feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to one of the HEF School Liaisons listed below. They are available to answer questions, provide feedback, and support teachers navigate the grants process.

Hillside ES • Laura Owens
Farragut MS • Kanchan Kinkade
Hastings HS • Marisa Mulvihill